Xtraware is an ASP.NET, Java-based software application designed to foster teamwork and facilitate collaboration between users in widely dispersed geographic areas.

  • Java-based software development
  • Engineered and written for the Web-based enterprise
Supported file formats:
  • DGN
  • DWG
  • DOC
  • PPT
  • TIFF
  • TXT
  • XLS
  • Easily Adaptable to virtually
    any file type
Supported file actions:
  • Add File
  • Add to Folder
  • Adjust Properties
  • Check-in
  • Check-out
  • Delete
  • Drop from Folder
  • New Item
  • Revise
  • Select Folder
  • Update
  • Item Name
System Requirements:
Server: Microsoft Windows Server 2005/2008
Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008


Internet Explorer or compatible browser

The “Xtraware Suite” is delivered ready to handle a wide variety of file formats and can be easily adapted for virtually any file format your organization uses.