Xtraware solutions share a browser-based, web server application-engine, designed to foster teamwork and collaboration between users in widely dispersed geographic areas.

Xtraware is designed to unite disparate resources into a single, browser-based platform, and is capable of:

  • Uniting data sources,
  • Uniting operating systems,
  • Uniting domains,
  • Uniting remote operations, and above all,
  • Uniting authorized stakeholders, all into a cohesive, accountable and “hyper-responsive” team!

Ease of Administration + Ease of Use = Productivity

With thin client, web-browser-based screens, Xtraware reduces administrative and workforce requirements, while increasing the performance of end users - enterprise-wide. The end result is dramatic savings through decreased overhead and increased performance.

Ease of Administration

Xtraware requires virtually no configuration at the desktop level, eliminating much of the time-consuming support, required by competitive applications.

Ease of Use

While requiring less administration, Xtraware also requires less training, by providing a simple, feature rich environment, which enables users to be more productive. Xtraware enables users to view, redline and track complex documents throughout a project’s life cycle.


Xtraware pays for itself! With savings realized by reducing administrative costs, Xtraware may pay for itself within eighteen months. Additional productivity is often realized by:

  • Reducing training costs (the simplicity of Xtraware’s look and feel, minimizes the need to train end users)
  • Improving response, by providing documents in real-time
  • Providing granular, document level security
  • Eliminating document loss
  • Improving accountability
  • Providing the highest levels of control and workflow.

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