Xtraware introduces a new level of functionality and ease-of-use to document management.


With its thin client user interface, the “Xtraware Suite” requires no configuration at the desktop level, eliminating much of the work associated with competitive applications, and yet provides the feature rich environment that you need to be productive. The “Xtraware Suite” allows you to view, redline and track documents throughout a project’s life cycle. No matter what types of documents you are managing (e.g. contracts or technical drawings) The “Xtraware Suite” has the features and power that are necessary to provide world class performance at affordable prices.

Typical Document Management software applications have large overhead requirements, need powerful workstations and dedicated administrative resources.

With its thin client-Web based front end, and limited administrative needs, The “Xtraware Suite” reduces workforce requirements while increasing the performance of end users - enterprise-wide. The end result is dramatic savings through decreased overhead and increased performance.

No workstation configuration is required! “Xtraware” clients are browser-based, all you need is a web browser for your end-users to connect and begin working.

Xtraware pays for itself in cost savings, by reducing administrative costs and improving operating efficiency. Cost savings include reducing IT support requirements, and saving of system administration and end-user training expenses. Xtraware improves operating efficiecy by eliminating document loss, by dramatically reducing the time typically searching for documents and by enhancing workflow and process control. See how Xtraware can make your business more profitable… starting today!

Benefits at a Glance

  • Xtraware substantially reduces administrative costs, and pays for itself! You can realize a Return-On-Your-Investment within your first eighteen months of use. Check out our competitive challenge! Go to our Web site for details!
  • Xtraware delivers the highest level of procedure and control to the business enterprise! Xtraware enables "check in" and "check out" of documents, creating links to associated documents, and rapid set up approval procedures. Xtraware speeds the design process and reducing the cost (of time) associated with document tracking and revision control.
  • Xtraware encourages collaboration and development of multi-discipline teams by making up-to-the-minute information just a few keystrokes away.
  • Xtraware makes engineering information available to other departments and disciplines including sales, marketing, purchasing, and logistics.
  • Xtraware makes it possible to share information with coworkers, regardless of their office location. Xtraware unites domestic and oversea offices to create a seamless workplace.
  • Xtraware may be deployed in various network modes; Intranet (LAN), Internet (serving multiple networks within the domain by Internet), or Extranet, (incorportating users and groups from multiple domains).
  • Xtraware improves collaboration while maintaining security of document sharing and collaboration, worldwide.
  • Xtraware helps you to create the audit trails necessary for ISO 9000 and other certifications.
  • Using the “Xtraware Suite”, extends the reach of your operation, by allowing contractors and business partners to share documentation as well. Xtraware enables authorized users and groups toreview a series of contracts, technical specifications or drawings whether they are locally based, or distributed across the world! Xtraware makes it easy to work with business partners and clients.
  • Xtraware promotes creativity by making information more readily available.
  • Xtraware promotes faster decision-making, and helps you to make well-informed decisions.
  • Xtraware enhances communications, providing real-time project status, providing immediate access to mission-critical information. Xtraware usersknow earlier, that a product is on-time, that vendor shipments have arrived and that each project phase is ahead of schedule.
  • Xtraware users are able to check the status of each document, each task, and each project, knowing for example, that products are on-time, that vendor shipments have arrived and that each project is ahead of schedule.